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  • Passive infrared motion detection alarm
  • Monitors entire bedside
  • No cords, no wires
  • Patients can move in bed without triggering alarm
  • Bedside mounting bracket included

The ideal bed alarm for restless patients that move around in bed.  Eliminates sensor pads that can get wet, have cords that get tangled or sound a false alarm when the patient sits up in bed.  When turned on, the PIR Alarm transmits an invisible infrared beam down the entire length of the bedside.

Unlike weight triggered sensor pads or cord activated pull cord alarms, the alarm sounds when any part of the patients body moves through the infrared beam.  The alarm comes with an on/off switch and can be set for either a chime or alarm sound.  When activated, the PIR Alarm will sound for 30 seconds and then automatically reset itself.

Comes with a magnetic mounting bracket easily attaches to metal bed frame.  Powered by 9 Volt battery, included.

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