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  • Complete portable toilet system
  • Easy set up, no tools required
  • Provides privacy
  • Weights only 18 lbs

A truly portable, easy to use, and sanitary means of human waste disposal.  Sets up in seconds and can also be used to provide privacy for showering or dressing.  The complete system includes,

PETT® Portable Toilet
Easy to set up, the toilet is the same height and bowl size  of a standard toilet.  The three leg design helps to keep the toilet stable on uneven surfaces.  When not in use, folds to a briefcase sized carrying case.

WAG BAG® Disposable Liners
Biodegradable, puncture resistant, disposable bag that contains  a powder that gels liquids, neutralizes odors and starts the decaying process.  The system includes 15 WAG BAGS, toilet paper, hand sanitizer and a zip close disposal bag.

PUP™ Privacy Tent
Tool free assembly.  Simply pull the lanyard on the top of the tent and the legs lock in place.  Contains three screened windows with covers for privacy.  Stands 6'6" tall with a 4' by 4' base.  Front closes with a zippered flap.  Made of fire-retardant fabric.

TOTE™ Backpack
Designed  to hold the entire portable toilet system and includes a pocket for carrying used WAG BAGs.

Complete system weighs only 18 pounds.  Great for any situation where a portable and private sanitary disposal system is needed!