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  • Unisex design, can be used by adults or children
  • Holds up to 24 oz of liquid waste
  • Snap-close bag, eliminates spillage
  • Biodegradable -dispose in normal trash
  • Packaged three per box

The Pee-Wee disposable urine bag is the safe, sanitary and convenient way to go to the bathroom when a toilet is not available.  Store it in your car's glove compartment, emergency kit, backpack or any where you might need it.  The Pee-Wee is ideal for individuals with stress incontinence or other health issues the cause a frequent or urgent need to urinate.  

The unisex design can be used by adults and children.  The biodegradable pouch is filled with a gel that absorbs up 24 oz of waste fluid that can be used several times before discarding.  A snap-close top eliminates cross contamination and the risk of spillage.  Use of the Pee-Wee easy - use it, seal it, and toss it.  Let the Pee-Wee free you from planning your life around proximity to the toilet.  Package three to a box.


California Prop65 (Warning!) Cancer and Reproductive Harm /

SKU: 660, Pee-Wee

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