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  • Effective bright light therapy
  • Available with or without stand
  • 10,000 lux at 14"
  • UV filtered
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BOXelite sleek design provides effective light therapy in the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  The BOXelite emits light through a large 12" x 18.5" front panel and provides 10,000 lux at 17".  Use the BOXelite while reading, eating, talking on the phone or watching TV.  The compact design fits almost anywhere in your home.  The front panel diffuses light and filters out UV rays.

Product Specifications:

Specification Dimensions
Light Size 2.5" x 12" x 18.5"
Weight 6 lbs
Lighting 10,000 lux at 17"
UV Filter Yes
Warranty Unit: 5 Years, Lights: 1 Year

SKU: NLT-BOX, BOXlite, boxlite, SAD light, SAD lights, bright light therapy lamp