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  • Promotes proper spine alignment
  • Soft velour, removable cover
  • Ideal for side sleepers
  • Contoured shape fits between legs
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The Drive Comfort Touch Knee Support Cushion is designed to alleviate discomfort by promoting proper alignment of your spine, knees, and hips.  The contoured shape of the cushion fits comfortably between your legs and comes with an adjustable strap the keeps the cushion securely in place.  The soft velour cover enhances relaxation and is easily removable for cleaning.  The Comfort Touch Knee Support Cushion is ideal for side sleepers, individuals with lower back problems, sciatica nerve pain, or women who are pregnant.

Product Specifications
Specification Dimension
Cushion Width 10"
Cushion Length 7.5"
Cushion Height 8"


SKU: DR-RTL2017CTK, RTL2017CTK, Knee Cushion, Knee Cushions, Knee Support Cushion, Knee Support Cushions

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