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  • Helps relieve neck pain
  • Can be used with any standard door
  • Adjustable spreader bar
  • One size fits all
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Cervical traction can be used to relieve neck pain for anyone suffering from neck arthritis, herniated/bulging disc, neck strain, neck spasms, and cervical neck spasms.  The goal of traction is to provide the opportunity for your neck muscles and pinched nerves to be released.  The Cervical Traction Set comes with 12" adjustable spreader bar, 8 foot traction rope, double-sealed rings, water bag and "S" hook.  The heavy-duty head halter can be machine washed.  The unit fits can be used with any standard door. Limited lifetime warranty.

Cervical traction should only be used when recommended by your doctor.  Ask your physician for the appropriate treatment time, weight, and frequency per day.

SKU: DR-13004, 13004, Cervical Traction Set, Cervical Traction Unit, Cervical Traction


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